Have you ever found yourself locked out of your own Miami home, car, or apartment? You find yourself standing there, wishing you had a key hidden in the mailbox or had maybe left the garage door open or the patio door unlatched. Isn’t the mailbox the first place a burglar would look for a spare key though? You want your home to be protected with 24-hour maximum security but when it is you trying to get in, you wish you had left a loophole or a way to avoid calling a locksmith to help you gain entry.

A masterkey is a good way to simplify and reduce the number of keys you need. You can have one key that unlocks the garage, front door and patio door, or even padlocks on gates also. You still run the risk of losing that masterkey and needing 24-hour emergency locksmith assistance to gain entry, depending on the time.

With keyless entry, you will no longer risk an accidental lockout by forgetting your keys. Keyless entry locks are activated and disarmed by using a numerical code, touchscreen or even a fingerprint scan. They have similar technology of safes with equal security. There are many pros and cons to a keyless entry system. It is important to do your research and make sure it is right for you.

Pros of Keyless Entry for Your Miami Home and Office

No More Fumbling With Your Keys – This is the main bonus of keyless entry. You no longer have to keep track of your keys. This could save a large amount of money if you require a locksmith to come and let you in. If keys are lost, you are saved the cost of duplication or rekeying the locks to use the existing lockset or the cost of replacement of the hardware.

Allowing Visitors Entry – With keyless entry, you no longer have to make it a point to be home to let in a guest. With a simple code, you can allow others access to your home without driving there. If you are frequently out of town, this is a great feature to let family members or neighbors check your home and take care of chores, if needed, without numerous duplication of keys for everyone.

Monitor Activity – Keyless entry with code access will allow you to monitor who comes and goes into your home. You can even specify codes for different individuals to monitor when each child arrives and leaves, or for cleaning people or other staff who have access to your home.

Withdraw Access to Individuals – If you share a home with roommates or renters, then several people would have access to your home at once. If a person no longer lives there, it is a hassle and an expense to rekey the hardware to prevent illegal access. With a keyless entry device, you are capable of deactivating a certain code while still allowing access to the other occupants at no additional cost to yourself.

Cons of Keyless Entry for Your Miami Home

The System Can Be Hacked – Some hackers specialize in breaking into keyless entry locks. As the keyless entry is much like safes, it is possible to break into the system similar to safe-cracking.

Making sure that your passwords are random and hard to guess will make hacking less likely.

The Cost of Installation – There are several brands of keyless entry systems available to choose from. You get what you pay for with keyless entry. The cost of installation is higher than for a standard deadbolt also. Contacting someone knowledgeable about these systems and that specializes in the replacement of standard locks with keyless entries is needed to install, activate and repair these sets.

Not Remembering the Code – If you are forgetful with your keys, you will likely forget the code also. It is encouraged to use a code for your deadbolt that is random to prevent hacking, but that does make recalling the code more difficult. You should consider writing down the code in a secure place in case of a lockout.

If you need a locksmith service in the Miami area, contact ER Locksmith Miami and we can answer any questions you may have. We are available for emergency repair or service of every lock from padlocks on gates to the top of the line entry systems throughout the Miami region.