Anytime a house moves into bank foreclosure or a tenant stops paying their rent, the occupants will need to vacate the property. There are times when there is significant resistance to this, and formal, court-ordered eviction must be pursued. Once the occupant finally leaves, it is wise to contact a locksmith who can either re-key or fully replace all of the locking mechanisms on the property.

Our team at ER Locksmith Miami is comprised of certified locksmiths who are ready to step in and tackle these types of jobs whenever you need us. Rely on our technicians whenever a foreclosure scenario requires new equipment installation to ensure the security of your financial investment.

Our locksmiths are accustomed to entering properties at which the owner or bank believes have already been vacated, only to discover that the home is in fact still being occupied, perhaps unlawfully. Once eviction has been achieved, however, you need a service that is willing and able to provide quick re-keying or new device installation to keep those individuals out once and for all.

Residential Foreclosure Locksmiths in Miami

It is not uncommon for a foreclosed property to be turned over to its new owner without any keys, resulting in a lockout situation. Buyers of such properties sometimes do not even see the inside of the home prior to taking possession. As such, there are few things more important than having new devices or padlocks installed immediately. This is the perfect time to get in touch with the professionals at ER Locksmith Miami who can remedy the situation right away.

Our technicians can promptly unlock the property and replace all locking mechanisms or simply re-key the existing ones. We take pride in providing fast, efficient service, so call us the moment you take ownership of your property, and we will respond faster than you might even expect, even on a 24-hour emergency basis.

Re-Keying Miami Residential Properties

There are, of course, times when a foreclosure property is transferred with keys, making immediate access possible. However, when this happens, it is critical that existing mechanisms and hardware be re-keyed and subject to duplication as soon as possible. If you receive a key to the home that works on just a few of the doors, we will want to pop the locks, but fortunately, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to pick and then re-key any time of residential lock.

We work on everything from a deadbolt to a doorknob option and can service or provide a replacement for any brand or model. Simply call us today to learn how we can help in even the most difficult of circumstances.

Common Problems In Miami Foreclosed Homes

Some foreclosed properties are relatively advanced in age or have not been properly maintained, leaving the locks in a broken, malfunctioning, or decrepit condition. When this is the case at your property, we suggest replacing each and every lock. It often makes more sense to make the investment in new, fully-functioning locks that last for years than to re-key or repair outdated equipment that may fail at any time. As such, we carry a full range of residential locks and hardware in our service trucks so that your needs can be met almost in an instant, so contact our 24-hour emergency technicians today.

Commercial Foreclosure Services by ER Locksmith Miami

Much in the same way that it is possible to purchase a foreclosed residential property, investors may also opt to buy a foreclosed commercial property. Such real estate can take the form of an office building, a warehouse space, a mechanic’s shop, or any other sort of commercial structure.

Of course, when a foreclosed commercial property is vacated, similar concerns with its locking ability tend to arise, resulting in a need for assistance from a skilled locksmith. Commercial properties in particular may have a larger-scale need for re-keying, duplication, repair or installation of all-new locking mechanisms in order to keep prior occupants or their employees out of the building.

When it comes time to take possession of a foreclosed commercial premises, the team at ER Locksmith Miami knows just what to do to secure the property. Contact us today to inquire about re-keying, padlocks, deadbolt replacement services, or perhaps the installation of a fully modernized keyless entry system to prevent anyone from experiencing a lockout an an inopportune moment.

Specialists In Re-Keying Miami Homes

Our technicians are highly skilled when it comes to re-keying equipment of all types, regardless of whether in a commercial or residential setting. Business owners tend to prefer having a masterkey that allows operation of all mechanisms within their facility, and we can make that happen. Whether you have a mortise model or a rim option, we know how to re-key them, as is also the case with commercial knobs and levers. ER Locksmith Miami can attend to any re-keying or masterkey fabrication needs.

No matter what your specific security scenario, ER Locksmith Miami is prepared to enter the fray and provide the solutions you need. Contact us day or night for a prompt response and unrivaled customer service.