The holidays are not as safe as we would like them to be. Not only do the holidays see more burglaries and general theft than other times of the year, but there is also an enhanced probability of break-ins while people are home; thanks to gift-giving there are just more temptations to the average Miami burglar. This means that you should take extra precautions during the holidays in order to ensure your safety, both that of yourself and your property. This means that you should take a long look at your security and figure out how to deal with any problems. Fortunately, most problems can be solved with a quick conversation with your local Miami residential locksmith.

It Starts With Your Locks

Most people have a deadbolt on the door that serves as the effective limit of their security measures. However, with the installation of a few extra measures a home can be made more secure in a few simple steps. For example, most house gates have minimal security and are even usually left unlocked. The first step should be to install metal gates followed by the addition of padlocks; this not only makes the gates harder to get through but makes them an obstacle to thieves.

The next fix is the patio door. Most people forget to lock it, so just get into the habit of locking whenever it is not in use. While it can be tempting to leave it open in order to take advantage of the Miami breezes, nonetheless it is necessary to keep the patio door closed and locked whenever necessary. It is not a bad idea to install a couple of lights keyed to a motion detector; they tend to spook beginning thieves and even give pause to more experienced footpads. These are simple, even inexpensive fixes that can keep you and your family safe.

The Garage Is A Problem

Most people overlook the garage as they assume that their opener should provide all of the security that they need. The reality is that the opener is not as specific to the garage as they would assume; any opener works. Also, the side door is a problem, especially as it usually has just a simple lock. Make sure that the side door has a deadbolt and that the garage door has its own padlocks; also, make sure that the inner door has its own deadbolt. While these can be onerous to open on any kind of regular basis they can make the home safe as well as anything that is stored inside the garage as well.

The front of the home is easy enough to secure. Using some sort of doorbell security system, the entire front of the home can be secured. The mailbox is the biggest problem, but by putting a mail slot in the door and using the doorbell security system the mailbox can be eliminated from the equation. Lastly, make sure a neighbor has a copy of your keys in case of lockout.

The Solution

All told, your local Miami locksmith is probably the best possible solution. The can easily rekey the house as needed with the correct hardware. As part of the installation, they can key the locks of the house to a masterkey; the masterkey should make access to all of the locks that much easier. They can also recommend some good safes for additional protection.

As part of the hardware installation they can also install other security devices as part of the rekey process. As an added bonus, most locksmiths have some sort of 24-hour service; while it is meant in case of lockout, they can also repair any damaged locks. If repair is not possible they can replace any damaged lock and key or safes as part of the service. All of this makes the locksmith part of the 24-hour security of any home and someone worthy of consulting for your home security.