What Do I Do If I Have Locked My Keys In My Car?

You never want to be in a situation where you have locked your keys in your car. We deeply sympathize with anyone who has locked their keys in their car because we know it was never intentional. We have listed a few tips below that will help you with this emergency. You need to get help as soon as possible, or you need to know how to get back into the car as possible. Continue reading to learn how we would get back into the car and what you can do if you suddenly realize your keys are locked in the car.

Try To Avoid Situations Where You Could Lock Your Keys In The Car

One of the most important things that you can do is avoid locking yourself out of the car. You cannot walk around wondering when you could have locked yourself out of your car, but you should be as careful as possible. When you want to avoid locking yourself out of the car, you should try to avoid these situations:

  • Dropping the keyring on the seat or in the trunk when loading the vehicle.
  • Leaving the keyring in the ignition when you hop out to perform a quick task.
  • Leaving your keyring in the passenger seat when you are driving alone.
  • Assuming that your car will not secure itself with the keyring or fob inside. The security system can take over at any time.

People who are going in and out of their cars might drop their keyring in the trunk or on the seat when they are not ready to start driving. You never know what will happen when you are going in and out of the car, and the doors could be locked at any time.

You should not leave your keyring in the ignition because you might instinctively close up the car when you get out. The errand might take less than 60 seconds, but you might come back to a car that is running and locked.

Leaving your keyring in the passenger seat is not advisable if you have a start button or remote start. Yes, you can drop your keyring in the seat because you do not have a better place to put them. However, you might forget the keyring when you get out of the car.

You should also not assume that the car will not engage the security system when the keys are inside. Many modern car manufacturers claim the car cannot secure itself if the keys are on the inside, but it only takes one electrical error for you to close the keys in the car. You did not mean to, but the car is locked and you are not inside.

Is The Car Truly Inaccessible?

Before you call a 24-hour emergency service or try to find a spare, you need to check all the handles and the trunk. Make sure that the car is not entirely closed up. Some people might find that they can get into the trunk or a door that is still open. You do not want to drag a 24-hour service out to the house or the parking lot when you could have opened the car on your own.

We know this can be embarrassing, but it is very hot in Miami. You can avoid standing outside if you just check all the handles one more time.

Do You Have Spare Keys?

You need to make sure that you have spares around the vehicle or in the house. Some people in Miami share their cars with their spouses, and your spouse should have the other key. You might keep a spare in the house because you had a duplication done at some point. This is a good way to protect yourself, and you will save money on a locksmith.

You can order a replacement from the manufacturer at any time, and you might leave another in your bag, use a special hatch on the vehicle to store it, or give it to a friend who can come help you if you ever experience a lockout.

Are There Other Ways To Get Into The Car?

You can use shoelaces or slim jims to get into your car, but these methods range in effectiveness because some vehicles are designed to prevent them from working. You might need to rekey the car when you are done. You could damage the hardware in the process, and you might need to repair the door or window because these methods often damage the vehicle.

You should also think of anyone you know that might be able to get into the car. You might not feel confident dealing with a lockout, and you might need to call a service to help you. In some cases, that service might come from the manufacturer of the car. Roadside assistance can help in some cases, or the dealer might send someone with a new fob that can open the car.

One of the most important parts of this process is that you should call a locksmith if you feel at all uncomfortable trying to access the car on your own.

Call A Professional Miami Locksmith

You should call a professional Miami auto locksmith who can get back into the car, rekey the car, do a duplication for you, and repair any hardware that might be damaged. We can handle the installation of new security systems, and we can also explain how to hide spares for the future. We can make a replacement key right there, and we can do it all after we give you a free estimate for the service.

We can come to your location right now to help you get back in the car, and we can even do an installation of a new security system if you need it. We know that all our customers are different, and we will adjust our services to meet your needs. Let us know when you have a problem at any time, and we will come calling.