What is an Automotive Locksmith?

An Automotive locksmith is a professional that makes and repairs vehicle locks. Most of us have experienced the sinking feeling when you suddenly realize that you locked your keys inside the vehicle. Many people were not fortunate enough to have experienced a lockout at home and therefore had to call for emergency roadside service. A professional Automotive Locksmith can be lifesaver when a roadside lockout occurs.

How much does an automotive locksmith cost?

Our Miami-based automotive Locksmiths are available on a 24-hour basis and their rates are usually higher after hours. Here are a few examples of prices based on the state of Miami-Dade County and national average rates.

  • Emergency Lockout Starting $69 * Miami rates
  • Make new keys $10-$150
  • Ignition Switch Repair Starting $69 * Miami rates
  • Smart-Key Replacement Starting $189 * Miami rates
  • Remote and Fob Key Starting $185 * Miami rates
  • Hourly rate $50-$100
  • After-hours rates $75-$125
  • Trip charge $50-$100
  • Emergency trip charge $100-$150
  • Changing locks $75 per hour
  • Unlocking $50-$100
  • Masterkey system $15-call for estimate.

* A small masterkey system can be quite reasonable in price, however the pricing is based on the complexity of the system and service desired.

Can Your Miami Locksmiths Program Car Keys?

The transponder-key, car remote, key-remote combo and smart fob are electronic-keys that are programmed in the car’s computer. When reprogramming is required for these types of electronic-keys a professional vehicle locksmith is equipped to handle the job and usually available on a 24-hour basis. A professional locksmith can replace a lost or damaged key. They can also program an electronic key and handle any other smart-key repair.

How can I get into a locked car in Miami?

Getting locked out of your car is no fun. It can be a challenge to break A locked vehicle. Here are a few methods used to unlock a car:

* The old tried and true method is to use a wire hanger. The old wire hanger method will not be effective on newer model vehicles with automatic vehicle-locks, but for older cars with manual vehicle-locks this method, challenging as it can be to bend the wire hanger at the correct angle and hook the vehicle-lock, has been helpful to many.

* Automotive locksmiths use a tool called an ‘ inflatable wedge’. The wedge tool is slipped in between the door spacing and then inflated to create a space wide enough to fit in a flat metal tool to unlock the interior door handle or to press the unlock button.

* Another tool used by professionals is called a ‘slim Jim’ or ‘lockout tool’. This slim metal tool is inserted in between the window rubber and the window. It is maneuvered to latch on to and disengage the door-lock.

* Some cars and vans are equipped with Deadbolt locking mechanisms. Deadbolts are almost

Impenetrable and would need to be drilled out to be removed.

Is it cheaper to rekey or replace car vehicle-locks/keys?

When people require the service of an automotive locksmith to replace a vehicle-lock, they are often not aware of the option of rekeying the vehicle-lock. Rekeying a vehicle-lock is the process of replacing the pins and springs in a lock for the purpose of using a different key. Once this process is complete, the old key will no longer work in the lock. The cost to rekey a car would range from $75-$180. This process is slightly less expensive than a new vehicle-lock installation. A new vehicle-lock installation could cost in the range of $75-$280. The decision to have a vehicle-lock rekeyed or replaced is totally up to the customer however, being aware of all options puts a customer in the drivers seat.